Basketball news.

 David West tests free agency.

Is this a smart move by David West? He was playing with all star point guard Chris Paul and other good team mates like Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza, and Carl Landry. West got injured torwards the end of the season in a game vs the Utah Jazz, he tore is ACL, that's a tough injury to return from. But, are the Hornets a championship compeating team? I wouldn't say that just yet. I think he made the right move testing free agency and looking to sign with a team with higher championship hope.

 Ty Lawson signs with Lithuania team.

With the lockout still in play Ty Lawson signs a deal with a lithuania team and if the NBA lockout ends he can return and play with his Denver Nuggets. Lots of players are doing this and I think it's the smart thing to do.

 Rudy Fernandez traded to the Mavs.

Rudy Fernandez was traded to the 2011 NBA champions the Dallas Mavericks. This is a great deal for Dallas I think. They had to give up  a nice young talent in Jordan Hamilton but getting Rudy Fernandez is a great add and I think he'll do great.

Sonny Weems overseas perminintly.

Sonny Weems also signed a deal with a overseas team but in this deal Sonny will be staying with the team  even if this NBA lockout ends. That's sad because Sonny Weems is a up and coming basketball player and he was really getting good. Hopefully he'll do good overseas. Good luck Sonny!

Rumor: JJ Barea interested in Kings.

I heard that some Dallas Maverick players were worried because JJ Barea was interested in going to Sacremento. That would be a nice move for the young point but he wouldn't have as much success there then he is in Dallas. The Mavs have to worry about him and Tyson Chandler to big pieces to the team who could be going different ways and heading to different teams. 

David Aldridge and Lockout.

David Aldridge reported that both sides arn't getting a deal done and he says that there is a under 10 percent chance of the season starting on time. Well all star small forward LeBron James is staying positive saying he thinks the season will start on time and he thinks that both sides will be able to get a deal done. I wish everyone could be thinking like that. 

 Lakers resign forward Matt Barnes.

Although he was injured for a majority of the season the Lakers re-sign Matt Barnes. Of course, Phil Jackson is gone and Mike Brown is more of a defence coach and Matt Barnes is one of the best defenders in the league so I could see them gettting along nicely but was it worth re-signing him after the injury he took?

 Mike Brown new LA Lakers coach.

After the dissapointing sweep to the Dallas Mavericks Phil Jackson decides to retire, and who's stepping in his place? Mike Brown. He coached LeBron James and is a defence minded coach so I think that he will do a great job coaching this team and I think he'll bring them on a nice playoff run with offence and defence. Can't wait to see how he coaches with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and the others.

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